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A must do!

A visit to the Biosfera shopping centre in the old town of Puerto Del Carmen.

Now on the top floor is the Roof Top Star Light Open Air Cinema.

Showing popular films nightly with a mini bar, serving drinks and various snacks and pop corn. Movies are shown in Spanish, English, French, Dutch or Italian via the Blue tooth headphones. A Blanket and cushion is also provided.

If more drinks are required throughout the film, there is a push button waiter service so you do not need to leave your seat. Happy days!

There is also the 6D motion ride. An amazing experience for all ages. We experienced this again yesterday as a family of four and what great fun it was. So much excitement by the children and Graham even before the ride begun. We all loved it. It was a fantastic experience. Will certainly do it again as there are many other simulator rides to choose from.

Also on the roof top there is the 12 hole Jurassic mini golf to have a go at. Again, great fun for all ages and it helps to fill a bit of time especially if trying to entertain children. Here you will also find a Kids Zone ball park, laser fun room and giant connect four.

Ticket packages can be purchased to do all three or just the motion ride and mini golf.

A great time can be had by all so it's certainly worth a visit!

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