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Peace of mind when booking your Holiday

As many people are aware, there have been a few scams happen recently on Lanzarote. People booking private accommodation and then a few days before they are due to fly, they find out that they have been scammed. I can not begin to imagine how distraught these scam victims must have felt.

It is still happening though as I was contacted just over a week ago by a gentlemen asking me if I could accommodate him because he had been scammed. Luckily he had paid by credit card and was able to claim the money back. This gentlemen had advertised on one of the Lanzarote Face Book sites asking if anyone had his chosen dates available. When he was approached by someone else on the site, he never thought anything else of it. He just thought that it was safe because it was on the site. It wasn't until after the money transfer had been carried out and the gentlemen asked the 'supposed property owner' for a contact telephone number in case he had any problems, that the gentlemen started to become suspicious. The gentlemen was told to make any contact via email or messenger. The gentlemen sent a pm and an email but received no reply. It was then that the gentlemen contacted the administrator of the face book site so that she could make enquiries. This is when the gentlemen was told that he had been scammed.

What to look out for when booking your accommodation privately!

Always ensure that you are able to make telephone contact with the owner. If it's a land line, even better! Check out the property address- Visit Google maps and even street view!

Check reviews by other people that have rented the property.

Where possible, always ensure that you pay for your accommodation by credit card.

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