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The Kennel Klub Sales are back

This Saturday 1st December, the Monthly sales are back. They are being held at the Kennels in El cable from 11am until 2pm. There are various new items for sale, books, bric a brac, clothes, shoes, bags. All at unbeatable prices.

Do pop along to support this worthy cause and help make a difference!

The aim of the Kennel Klub is to rescue dogs that are ill, injured, homeless or about to be put to sleep at the local pounds in Lanzarote. The Kennel Klub do their best to help any dog in need. These dogs are rescued and then either fostered, rehomed or put into private kennels.

The money they raise will help towards the cost of the private kennels in El Cable, as well as veterinary bills.

All of the dogs that they rehome are microchipped and spayed/neutered.

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