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Another fabulous fiesta in Lanzarote

Fiesta de San Gines is the festivities of the Patron Saint of the Capital of Lanzarote. It is the big fiesta of the year for Arrecife. It's a fiesta that lasts two weeks so since August 10th many activities having been taking place in Arrecife. Activities such as Parades, Rock festival, Chalanas (Flat boats) Blind Regatta, Jolateros (tin boats) Regatta, Swimming competitions, Canarian Boules, Beach Handball,, Bicycle race, indoor football tournament, Children's Karaoke and much much more. Then on Saturday night, 25th of August, it was the Grand Finale Fiesta. Hundreds of people were out in Arrecife to enjoy this big fiesta. Tourists to the island as well as residents.

The fun fair was on near to the Cabildo building and to add to the live Music and party on the beach, at 11pm was a spectacular firework display which lasted a good 14 or 15 minutes. We watched the display from the path beside the sea and next to the fun fair. Quite an amazing display from this distance. Seeing The Grand Hotel in front of us, it looked as though the fireworks were coming out of the sea and some fireworks, although in the distance, they looked as though they were coming down just above our heads. Amazing to see!

After the firework display, this didn't mean that the fiesta was over. People were still queuing for food and drinks on the fun fair, even Candy floss! The great atmosphere continued and the rides were still going when we left at 12.20am

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