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St Patrick´s day in Lanzarote 2019

Once again there were thousands of people that participated in the celebrations of

St Patrick´s day here in Lanzarote. I took a visit down to the old town and Harbor of Puerto del Carmen at about 5.30 in the afternoon and it was buzzing! Everyone was in such good spirit. Most were wearing green and enjoying a few drinks as they listened to the bands that were performing on the stage. It´s a very well organised event here as many local Irish bars set up their bar stalls for the day. There were also food stalls too, so no one could go hungry or thirsty.

For those that didn´t fancy the harbor, many stood in the streets, enjoying themselves outside the Irish bars.

I spoke with Caroline of The Brendan Behan Bar on Monday, ¨The Day after¨! She was rather tired after the previous day´s 15 hours of non stop busy busy. Even she says that the St Patrick´s day celebrations here on Lanzarote gets Bigger and Bigger every year. As the parade walked by her bar stall, she said she was trying to get a look in but she had no chance because she was just so busy serving.

There are many people that book to come to Lanzarote purposely for Cheltenham week and St Patrick´s day.

I had one couple stay in 3 different apartments just so that they could be accommodated in the old town last week at short notice. If you would like to reserve your accommodation for next year, please check out our rental properties by clicking below.

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